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Standort : Schottland

Style : Crossbreed / hardcore

Performance : DJSet


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Inqoherent is a UK based industrial hardcore DJ/producer,

who has been playing in the scene for over 10 years.

In that time he has played at various major events all across the UK such as Twisted's Darkside, Motormouth, Fractal, Therapy Sessions London, SFQ in Bulgaria...

He first started producing in 2014 and spent time honing his skills before getting his first release in 2017, his first release on Prototypes Records featured on the Industrial Troopers VA with the track  "Street Regulator" and then signed with Prototypes Records officialy before releasing his first solo EP "Ghost Fragments" on the label.

Inqoherent is heavily influenced by UK industrial hardcore aswell as early 90s rave, breakbeat and jungle music, his tracks range between 175-200bpm with ambient cinematic intros, pounding kickdrums, distorted amen breaks and heavy bass!

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