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Heavy & Metal Voices #1 by Scottish Gabber Punk Sample Pack [PRSP08]


You asked for it, and now our new sample pack series is here!
Heavy & Metal Voices will offer you roaylty-free voice samples of different artists from the metal scene.
We start this new concept with the new crazy duo Scottish Gabber Punk : Jamie & Romana, both have a voice with some real substance, and different tones that are very interesting.
They recorded words and sentences with different tones (spoken, shouted, screamed,...) so that you can build your own sentences in your worlds.


Get inspired, feel the energy with this new sample pack, and get ready, this is only the start of this new series! 

It includes 245 processed samples + unprocessed verion.


We hope you'll enjoy this content. Let creativity works !


If you have some suggestions for the next packs, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for purchase !

Heavy & Metal Voices #1 by Scottish Gabber Punk [PRSP08]

40,00 €Preis
  • .wav

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